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Local Emergency Information

The Southeast Colorado All - Hazards Region includes Baca, Bent Crowley, Kiowa, Otero and Prowers Counties. Our mission is to prepare, recover from and mitigae the effects of natural or man made disasters. 
Bent County - The siren system in Bent County is activated by the Bent County Sheriff's Office dispatch center. 
               Hasty - One Siren
               McClave - One Siren
               Las Animas - Two  Sirens
               Fort Lyon - One Siren
               John Martin - One Siren

Siren Tones for Bent County are - 3 Minute Solid Tone - Tornado
                                                     1 Minute Solid Tone - All Clear
                                                     3 Minute Wobble Alert - Fire Department Alert
Southeast Colorado All-Hazards Region Information
Bent County 911 Notification Sign - Up